Hello. My name is Mike Bass and am the owner of the Strawberry Line Miniature Railway at Keynsham. Just so you know why it is "The Strawberry Line", the railway is situated was for many years a "pick your own" fruit farm was and the main fruit was ................well you’ve probably guessed by now.

Back to the railway. I have been involved with trains for the last 40 odd years, from the Tri-ang 00 in 1962 to becoming a railway guard in 1977 and, then to the highlight of my career of becoming a driver in 1989. I then retired in 2001 due to ill health.

The main objective of this project was to recreate the railways of the 1960’s. We are slowly achieving this with running of both freight and passenger trains. We run on a double track main line with single return loops and have installed an automatic colour-light signalling system The railway also features a tunnel, carriage sheds, a motive power depot, turntable and in the future will have a freight hump yard.

When we completed the signalling system in 2006 we were able will run with the same format as the full size railway and have since expanded the layout to twice its original size.

Running this railway is a varied experience. One day you can be tamping and lining the track, the next building wagons; not forgetting grass cutting, battery charging, window cleaning, tractor driving and generally keeping the railway running safely. But none of this would be possible without the help of my team of volunteers to whom I am eternally grateful.

Mike Bass


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